Up North Wedding Weekend

This weekend was my brother’s wedding. We went up to northern California for the wedding.


Nothing says a trip up north like Top Dog.


That, and bums digging through the trash by the BART station.

After wedding rehearsal dinner, Harrison met up with me. Michelle and Annie were flying in to Oakland at the same time. We picked them up from the airport and headed into Berkeley to get some Naan N Curry. It’s always a risky move, eating Indian food before a big day, but it turned out alright. The city of Berkeley has cleaned up quite a bit since I last visited. The bums are still there, but the students that walk the streets look like they could be from UCLA, dressed to impress.


Getting ready in the morning.

My brother’s was the first wedding I got to be in, not counting being a ring bearer, like Frodo Baggins but with fewer adventures. If you are ever asked to be in a wedding, you should politely decline, and I’ll tell you why. Unless you are the best man or the maid of honor, the only thing you will be able to see the whole time is someone else’s back. Your invitation to the wedding should note “obstructed view” when you get it, like those discounted stadium tickets. I don’t know what happened during the wedding other than what I got to do myself. So here’s my recap.

First, my parents’ friends were laughing as I made my way down the aisle with my mom on my arm. I’m pretty sure they were laughing more at my dad, who was following behind us, but way to make me lose concentration! I read a letter that my brother wrote to my parents, but after stumbling a couple of times during my reading, I realized too late that I probably should have read the letter through once before I did it live. After the whole ceremony, people told me I did a great job. I told them, “Thanks. Walking, standing still, and reading are skills I mastered in the first grade. Maybe next time they’ll let me juggle or something.” All in all, the ceremony went pretty well with little to no hiccups.

After the wedding we headed over to The Claremont to take pictures and for the reception.


Michelle and me at The Claremont.


A good look for me. I should wear a tuxedo to work, perhaps with top hat and monocle.


Phil Jackson during the All-Star break. He declined to take a picture with the bride and groom.


Instead of a guest book, they guests signed notes and put them on this tree.


Carter entertained the kids and the adults with his magic. He’s quite talented.


My family.


The center pieces after the reception.

It was a good weekend, and it was definitely good seeing friends and family from all over the place come together to celebrate.