Everyone’s in Town!

I’ll start this post by contradicting the title. Everyone is not in town. Michelle went to New York with her girl friends for a weekend trip. I was a free man this weekend. I didn’t shower or change my underwear. Ahh, the good life. I did get a chance meet up with some people that were in town.

Friday, before Michelle left for New York, Jessica came into Torrance to have dinner. She has back from China for a couple weeks. We showed her how cool Torrance had become with Del Amo having a Lucky Strike, Ra Sushi, and a BJ’s on its way in Summer 2008. We tried not to make America sound too cool before she had to go back to the Motherland to put lead into children’s toys.

Randall was back this weekend for Chinese New Year’s celebrations and he brought the beautiful weather with him. Originally the plan was to have lunch with a bunch of friends. I apologize to everyone. I woke up late and didn’t get a chance to call people. I got to have lunch with him and his family. When I mentioned my parents were both Shanghainese, but my dad was born in Taiwan he said, “That’s Taiwanese!” I looked at Randall and said, “Told you! You’re not better than me!”

It should be a busy week this week. My brother’s wedding is this weekend. After flying back on Sunday I have to make my way north to stay with Kyung for some work for a couple days up in Thousand Oaks. It should be a fun couple of days arguing with him about whether Captain Picard could kick Boba Fett’s ass or vice versa.