Meant to Be or Trouble Ahead?


I stumbled across this old picture of Michelle and me and decided to scanĀ  it and share it with the rest of you. Ignore the date on it. The day was July 4, 1998. You can see a neighborhood block party in the background. Some things to note are how skinny I am and the fact that I am taller than Michelle, despite standing on a lower portion of the street. She must have grown an extra inch or two during college. Look how happy and care free we were then.

Unfortunately, little did we know that it wouldn’t be all smiles and sunny days. This rainy morning I awoke to a slap in the face, literally. I am a very heavy sleeper, so for me to wake up and for me to know that a slap to the face woke me up means I was hit pretty hard. Immediately I asked, “What?”

Apparently Michelle was dreaming that she was at her friend’s wedding and someone (not me) was sleeping and snoring during the wedding. People told Michelle to take care of the snoring man. So half awake she must have heard me breathing heavily, thought that it must have been me causing the ruckus, and bought down her palm of fury on my face. I’m being punished because she was dreaming! She even said it wasn’t me snoring in the dream.

This is not the first time I have suffered the wrath of Michelle for a dream. She go mad at me when she dreamed I had a tea party at Disney’s Magic Castle and didn’t invite her. Then there was the time that I had a Star Wars marathon watching party, and although she was invited, I wouldn’t let her talk because she asked too many questions.