Another Birthday Celebration

This Saturday Ariane had her birthday celebration at The Edison. I am still recovering from my cold, so I refrained from drinking, unlike some other people who couldn’t make it out. Just like I thought, the night totally sucked being sober. Just kidding. It was cool getting out to see people after being couped up for a while. The birthday girl swears a lot when she’s drunk.


The birthday girl and boyfriend, drinking long before anyone else showed up.


I love the decor of the place.


This is what the Bat Cave would look like if Batman was a rapper.


Michelle and me, trying not to hack up a lung.


A swirl of lights.


“No way! The pink Teletubby can kick the green one’s ass!”


We don’t know who bought these drinks, but we told Ariane they were waters for her. Only when the flash went off could you tell it wasn’t water.


Drinks all around.