The Last Man on Earth…at Work

So, most of you are sleeping in bed right now while I write this. To that I say, “Up yours, people!” Today is mostly a catch up day as a lot of the people we work with aren’t even working today. So instead of catching up, I will be posting on my website, possibly the last post of the year.  I will pontificate about the upcoming year.

First, let’s start off by making it a point not to tell people when you write the wrong year when you date documents. Everyone does it. Nobody cares. Let’s save everyone the annoyance and leave it at that.

Now let us talk about resolutions. Bettering yourself is always a good goal, but it’s so damn hard. I was going for the goal of making myself so bad over a few years that any improvement would be a piece of cake for future resolutions. I guess nothing good comes easy, so I should just make my goals to improve myself.

There’s always the goal to be healthier, but that does pose a problem for me this year. I’ve already been fitted for my tuxedo for my brother’s wedding. If I eat right and exercise regularly, I won’t fit into the tux, and I’ll ruin the whole wedding. I can’t have that, can I? I most certainly can not.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll worry about it next year. Until then, you’re stuck with the same, crappy me that you’ve grown to tolerate.