Everybody is Smarter Than Me

I guess I didn’t need a blog post to make this point. I’m not trying to disprove the fact that pretty much everyone in my family is more accomplished than I am and a lot of them at a younger age, nor make excuses about how being street smart makes up for it.

I have two cousins that are seniors in high school. Both have early acceptance, one to Stanford and one to MIT. The rest of the schools’ replies are still coming in, but it looks bright for them. The one that got into Stanford is top ranked in club soccer, but she chose not to use soccer to get into school. Her grades and SAT scores are good enough to get her into a lot of schools. My cousin that has early acceptance to MIT fences. It sounds kind of nerdy. It gets nerdier, but that’s the way I like it. He is also a Junior Magician at The Magic Castle. That is a pretty impressive accomplishment.

So while I have impressive, talented cousins on both sides of my family and even in my immediate family, I’ve been skipped. Darwin must be in his grave, laughing at me right now.