Karaoke, Anyone?

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really want to sing, but I can hardly remember the lyrics to any song, and where am I going to find a karaoke bar open at 5:00 AM?” I know it’s a common thought for myself, and I’m sure it’s a concern that weighs on your minds constantly. Worry no more, my friends.


While looking around for a speaker setup for my iPod, I ran across this brilliant piece of free software. I present to you, TunePrompter! This gem of a software will allow you to select a song, import lyrics from the Internet, and by hitting the space bar while the song plays, you can sync up the words. Export the bad boy and you have karaoke on your iPod. It doesn’t get sweeter than that. Oh wait, it does!

Combine the awesome software with the iKaraoke from Griffin, and you have yourself a truly portable karaoke solution. This little device lowers the main vocal track on music files, because let’s face it. You sing Mariah Carey’s songs better than Mariah Carey herself, especially if you’re Celine Dion.

I expect to see lots of people with these little gadgets. Imagine riding to work on the bus with thirty other aspiring singers, honing their American Idol skills, none of them getting a single note right. It’s a beautiful thing.