Boyfriend of the Year Title in Jeopardy

Every time Michelle writes a post that references me, it gets filed under the category, Boyfriend of the Year. It’s a title I’ve held for the past three years. Well, I’m not so sure I can earn that title again this year. Her birthday is coming up, and I am currently scrambling for a gift. I’ve resorted to asking friends what they think my girlfriend would like.

“Hasn’t she dropped any hints?”
“Probably has, but I don’t know.”

Then I started looking at SkyMall and for ideas. Now I would never buy from stores like these, but they have a variety of items for sale, which could gear me in the right direction. The problem is, I keep stopping on items like this and thinking that if I love it, she would have to be crazy not to love it too.

I’ve got a couple more days to come up with something. It’s going to take some kind of miracle to pull this off, but I am up to the challenge. You don’t earn the title Boyfriend of the Year three consecutive years without having some tricks up your sleeves. In short, please email me if you have any ideas.

I wonder if Michelle likes fish and computers…