Happy Bee Day!

After much delay, we finally decided to go out for Fred’s birthday. Korean BBQ was on the agenda. Unfortunately, Fred has lost his wedding planner ways and neglected to make reservations. For an hour some of us went back to Mo’s place, one block away to start celebrating Fred’s birthday, without Fred.

Cheers! Where’s Fred?

We went back to the restaurant and stuffed our fat faces with meat, meat, and more meat. Those Koreans sure know how to prepare a meal. Fred was going to try the “water soju switch-a-roo” he is so famous for, but I kept Andrew filling up his glass with the real stuff. He complained at each shot he took, even though it was a total of four with the meal.

“This is my bottle I brought from home. I filled it with water and resealed it.”

We got him a forty, because damn it feels good to be a gangster.

That is all Fred could muster up to drink. Michelle also says, “Yech!”

Fred made a comment of preferring straight vodka or rum to malt liquor. So we obliged him with a cup of Ketel on the rocks. Soon after, the guys decided to play Halo 3, and we added the rule that every time Fred got killed, he would have to take a shot of his cup of vodka. Fred put the cup up to his lips and tipped the cup, but he never opened his lips. What a wuss!

Spectators engrossed in Halo 3.

Two people that drank more than Fred.

Another person that drank more than Fred.

All in all it was good friends, plentiful food, and good fun.

Before I forget and people wonder why I spelled the title of this post the way I did, this is why. For some odd reason, bees are attracted to my water lettuce in my goldfish barrel. At first it was one or two, but their numbers kept growing. It makes no sense to me, because there is no flower on the plant. Feeding time for the fish is getting dangerous.

Here is a swarm of bees, hanging on to the water lettuce.

Here is a short clip of the little buggers at work.