Dining Adventures

Michelle and I have decided we want to do more things together, one of them being trying new restaurants. We don’t want to just try new restaurants, but we want to try new restaurants with foods we may not have tried before. This weekend the arrow landed on Gaja Moc. They are famous for their Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake made from anything and everything. It’s a nice departure from the standard sushi and udon. You also have the choice to cook in front of you if you’d like.

Spam and Cheese Okonomiyaki. We decided to cook this one ourselves.

Michelle, cooking up the goods.

Not looking so great. Spam probably should have gone in the mix by the time.

Spicy Cod Roe, Mochi & Cheese. What it’s supposed to look like.

Okonomiyaki is nothing special, just a mix mash of ingredients fried up together, and the multiple combinations muddle the individual tastes. Although the chef’s presentation was much nicer, the taste was little different. I’m not a fan of Okonomiyaki, and I will not be trying it again for some time. I wouldn’t mind going back to try some other things. Their menu had some interesting items, definitely worth a second look.