Something About Not Listening or Something. Not Sure.

Back in college, I was dating this girl, and she called me on the phone one day. I must have been playing on my computer or something, because I wasn’t paying attention, and she was probably just thinking I was a good listener. She must have been telling me something that was important to her, because when she was done talking, I responded with, “Okay,” and then she got really upset about how I could respond so casually about something so important. Again, I wasn’t paying attention to her at all, so I had to think fast. I pulled some explanation out of my ass about how it wasn’t that I didn’t care, but rather I didn’t want to affect her decision making process, and that’s why my response was so neutral. It must have sounded reasonable, because she bought it. To this day I have no idea what the conversation was about.

The moral of the story is listen when people are talking to you the answer to everything is that you care too much.